House Training

A vital part of raising a puppy and to be effective, it has to be done consistently and with a positive approach.

An 8 week old puppy needs to relieve himself/herself every 1-2 hours when awake. This can be more frequent if being exercised, excited or having been fed or after waking from a nap. On average, he/she needs to go 8 times a day.

Keep a close eye on your puppy indoors. He/she will return to the place where he/she did his/her first wee. You will get to know when your puppy needs to relieve himself/herself. Nose down, sniffing and circling is a warning sign. Keep newspaper or puppy pads by your back door and praise/reward him/her when he/she has a wee in the appropriate place. Never scold your puppy for relieving himself/herself in the wrong place. You will only teach him/her to wee out of your sight. Simply place the puppy on the puppy pad/newspaper.

When training a puppy to go outside, stick to a routine. Don’t let the puppy out alone, go with him/her and praise and treat him/her when he/she does what he’s/she’s supposed to do. As he/she relieves himself, say ‘wee wee/be quick’ or whatever you feel comfortable saying as long as it is the same words every time.  Immediately when he’s/she’s finished, praise him/her and give him/her a treat. Everybody in the family should adopt the same routine immediately when they see the puppy go.

Please be tolerant of accidents. There will be some and it is important to be patient and not undo all the good work by getting angry. Praise the good and ignore the bad!

Any urine in the house needs to be cleaned up thoroughly otherwise it is an open invitation for your puppy to go again on the same spot. Use a biological cleanser to remove the enzymes in the urine so there is no lingering scent.